Solidifying atai’s commitment to bring forward NCEs as part of its growing enterprise of drug discovery and design.

By harnessing a broad scope of medicinal chemistry and comprehensive biological screening approaches, Invyxis’ toolbox will span structure-based design to synthetic chemistry to high-throughput screening and in vivo characterization.

An atai Life Sciences company

atai Life Sciences, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company aiming to transform the treatment of mental health disorders, launches Invyxis, a wholly owned platform company committed to designing new chemical entities (NCEs) and further pioneering next-generation mental health treatments. Invyxis will bring proven, advanced biologic methodologies and medicinal chemistry to atai’s growing enterprise of drug discovery and design.

Revolutionary, next-gen compounds

The initial focus of Invyxis, will be to develop agonists at the 5-HT2A receptor, recognizing the importance of this key serotonin receptor system in treating a range of mental health disorders. Other central nervous system (CNS) targets will follow.

Expanding intellectual property (IP) has been central to atai’s strategy since its inception, with key investments made to unlock NCEs. atai has made substantial progress in its drug discovery efforts to date, synthesizing and screening approximately 300 compounds and identifying novel scaffold compounds that display significant potential in targeting mental health disorders.

atai is an established pioneer among psychedelics drug developers. The addition of Invyxis enables atai to further push the envelope to bring forward revolutionary treatments, optimizing next-generation therapies to serve patient needs.

Invyxis was established as the result of a strategic collaboration with Dalriada Drug Discovery, a leading contract research organization specializing in the discovery of small molecule therapeutics. Dalriada’s capabilities will enable Invyxis to accelerate the discovery and development of high value NCEs with potential across a range of indications in mental health.



The Challenge

“The global mental health crisis continues to escalate at an alarming rate and many patients do not find sufficient relief from currently available treatments. We urgently need newer, better options and innovative drug discovery is integral to this.”

-Florian Brand, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of atai Life Sciences.

Mental health disorders impact 1 billion people around the world, representing a growing global crisis, but medical innovation has failed to offer recent novel solutions. Only 7 treatments have been approved by the FDA for psychiatry disorders since 2015; a time in which approximately 100 have been advanced in oncology.2

Invyxis is proud to be part of atai Life Sciences, a driving force in mental health innovation, committed to developing new therapeutic options in key areas of patient unmet need.

Expanding intellectual property (IP) and growing our library of NCEs has been essential to our strategy since inception. By establishing differentiated potential treatments, with near, middle, and long-term developmental timelines, we add value and sustainability to our extensive pipeline of novel compounds with potential in targeting mental health indications. And we are uniquely positioned, as a leading developer of psychedelic therapeutics, with the resources necessary to commit to and deliver this forward-looking strategy.

- Glenn Short, PhD

, CSO of Invyxis


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