Our Approach

The establishment of atai Impact is based on atai Life Sciences’ position that harmonization across commercial and non-profit entities represents the best path forward to address all aspects of the escalating global mental health crisis.

The initial focus of atai Impact will be on the psychedelic sector, given its emerging potential in tackling the growing mental health crisis.


Through education, we aim to help destigmatize mental health issues and promote a better understanding of the potential of psychedelics and neuropsychiatry in mental health care.

We intend to support training, scholarships, and research grants at academic institutions, to foster the next generation of neuro-innovators and support ongoing research and development into the potential of psychedelics for mental health.


We support equal access to innovative and effective mental health support, for everyone, everywhere, regardless of geography or demographics.

We intend to support initiatives for communities that have been and continue to be excluded or underserved with regards to mental health provisions.


We intend to contribute to the sustainability of diverse communities and environments, including indigenous resources, recognizing and supporting the ecosystem surrounding mental health treatments, now and through the future.

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