Senior Director, Psychology

Edmund Neuhaus, Ph.D.

Edmund Neuhaus is the Director of Psychology at atai Life Sciences. He has joined the effort to advance the Digital Therapeutics platform at Introspect for the wide range of applications of psychedelic compounds to improve Treatment-Resistant Depression, PTSD, and Substance Use Disorders. He will lead the initiatives for therapist training and competency standards which are key elements for optimizing treatment effectiveness with psychedelics.

As a board-certified clinical psychologist, Dr. Neuhaus has devoted over 25 years to improving patients in care through direct service, in leadership roles, and with a vision to integrate people and technology to advance the field and improve outcomes. With the common thread of specializing in the treatment of complex psychiatric disorders, Dr. Neuhaus has served in the roles of Chief Clinical Officer, Clinical Director, Co-Director of Psychology Training, Principal Investigator of Treatment Outcome research, Entrepreneur, and Founder of an eLearning company to train mental health professionals in evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor, Education Director for the American Board of Clinical Psychology, and a longstanding affiliation with McLean Hospital and academic appointment at Harvard Medical School as Assistant Clinical Professor in Psychology.

At McLean Hospital, he was committed to achieving excellence in the teaching hospital mission triad of clinical care, teaching, and research. He led the adult Behavioral Health Partial Hospital Program with specialties for Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, Psychosis, and Personality Disorders utilizing evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral (CBT). He integrated the Psychology training program and treatment outcome research within the clinical service, and all three programs gained national recognition during his tenure.

With a shift to a multi-state national network enterprise, he developed large-scale initiatives to converge people with technology to improve clinical quality and compliance, including the design of a standardized outcomes measurement system incorporated into the Electronic Medical Record. He worked collaboratively across the enterprise to establish a clinical culture that aligned clinicians to adhere to workflow and quality standards for depression screening, Suicide Risk Assessment and utilizing Clinical Decision Support (CDS).

Dr. Neuhaus completed his undergraduate studies at Middlebury College, earned his MA and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Clark University, and completed a Psychology Internship and Post-doctoral training at McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School. He lives in San Diego with his family and dogs.

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