Senior Manager, Data Scientist

Giovanni Maffei Ph.D.

Giovanni joined atai Life Sciences in 2022. Previously, Giovanni was a Senior Applied Scientist at Koa Health B.V. where he led the data science and analytics functions for Foundations – the N 1 app for stress and anxiety in 2021 according to NHS and Orcha – to guide strategy, product development, and evidence generation. He also designed and deployed state-of-the-art machine learning systems to improve the personalization and effectiveness of mental health interventions.

Prior to that, he was a Research Scientist at Telefonica Innovation Alpha, where he led the research and development of mobile-based digital-phenotyping technologies for the inference of physiological states associated with affective disorders.

Dr. Maffei holds a Bachelor’s in psychology from UHSR (Milan, Italy) and a Master’s in cognitive science from UPF (Barcelona, Spain). During his Ph.D. and Post-doc in computational neuroscience at UPF and IBEC (Barcelona, Spain), he studied the mechanisms that allow the human brain to rapidly adapt to unexpected events and their impairment in mental disorders.

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