October 29, 2020 Programs 8:22 pm

Introspect believes that high-quality digital combination therapies will increase the safety and effectiveness of many mental health drugs. Digital therapeutics (DTx) will provide personalized and scalable treatment to those who might not otherwise be able to access high-quality psychological care. Remote monitoring, digital integration, and counseling will make psychedelic treatments available for patients who live far away from treatment centers. By integrating a digital strategy from the very beginning of chemical development Introspect is creating tightly integrated Digital Therapeutics on a shared architecture across all of atai’s platform.

With the use of digital biomarkers, clinicians will be able to predict patients’ recovery pathways, limiting trial and error while simultaneously streamlining therapeutic impact. Precision psychiatry and personalization will assist therapists in making the best decisions for their patients.

“Using the flexibility and power of digital technology allows us to be more capable than ever of meeting patients on their own terms. By using a variety of digital biomarkers, we stand to make treatments increasingly refined, effective, and – most importantly for mental healthcare – individualized.”
– Introspect CEO David Keene


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